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Offering Assistance With Cisco Collaboration, Cisco Networking, network rooms and structured network cabling solutions for your business.


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Choice City Telecom

Telecommunications Consultation & Cabling Contractor

Telecommunications Consultation & Cabling Contractor

Choice City Telecom is a telecommunications consultation and cabling contractor. We have been helping businesses in Northern Colorado since 2005. We also help with Cisco video, voice collaboration, and all the things related to cisco.

Services We Offer

Choice City Telecom helps you make the most of your telecommunications and technology, business and commercial telecommunications, and consulting solutions.

  • Internet - Our internet solutions can encompass any carrier services from start to finish, whether it is:
  • Order placement
  • Tracking
  • Installation
  • DEMARC extensions
  • Telecommunication Sales
  • Billing Resolutions
  • Voice - We offer a diverse and flexible product line for customers of all sizes, creating dependability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness for your business communications solution.
Choice City Telecom
Choice City Telecom

The Choice City Telecom Difference

Choice City Telecom can cater to every computer and telephone wiring, from start to finish. We are a comprehensive cabling company and can do any job, from connecting jacks to connecting and configuring network equipment.
We are skilled in:

  • Cisco Cloud Calling
  • Mobile Phone Signal Boosters
  • Cisco Video Collaboration
  • Voice & data cabling

We have completed miles of cabling systems, with:

  • Cat 3
  • Cat 5E
  • Cat 6
  • Fiber Optic